Les DigiSauveurs

The DigiDestined in Digimon Frontier are chosen from a pool of potential DigiDestined gathered by Ophanimon to combat the corrupt Cherubimon. These children have no Digimon partners and instead use the power of the Spirits of the Ten Legendary Warriors, deceased Digimon heroes who saved the Digital World of this series in its ancient past, to transforminto Digimon themselves. Because of this, they are also known as the Legendary Warriors.
Takuya Kanbara Kōji Minamoto Tomoki‎ Himi
Izumi‎ Orimoto Junpei Shibayama Kōichi Kimura

La Famille de ...  
Kanbara Minamoto
Himi Kimura

Les Alliés



Enfants Groupe




Kanbara Yuriko

Kanbara Hiroaki

Kanbara Shinya




Kouji's father

Kouji's stepmother

Kouichi's mother




Himi Yutaka


Other Humans







Katsuharu (勝春?), Teppei (鉄平?), Chiaki (千晶?) and Teruo (照男?) are four kids who were also called by Ophanimon to come the Digital World in the chance that they could inherit the Spirits of the Ten Legendary Warriors. Chiaki is the only girl among them.

Katsuharu and Teppei bully Tommy in the Shibuya Train Station and force him into Trailmon (Worm), All Aboard and, along with Chiaki and Teppei, decide to ride on one to go to the Digital World. When all the other children are ordered to return to the Human World, these four decided to stay. In response, Ophanimon has Angemon attempt to convince them to leave, but he is unsuccessful. He remains with them and protects the children while trying to convince them to leave, but this only gives them the impression that he is their Digimon partner. The Bully Pulpit

The group stop by the Beanstalk Village, where in spite of the fact that the Mamemon inhabitants have fallen on hard times, they are treated well and even given the last beans of the village. The children decide to plant them right there, and when the leave, a gigantic beanstalk sprouts almost immediately, bringing bounty to the previously dry land. Jerks And The Beanstalk

Katsuharu's group shows up when Sagittarimon approaches the DigiDestined demanding them to give their possessions, and their guardian Angemon intervenes in what would have turned into a battle. The DigiDestined soon learn that Katsuharu and Teppei were the two boys who bullied Tommy at the beginning of the journey, and Tommy begins to retreat into himself at the sight of them. The DigiDestined try to convince the humans to return back to the Human World, citing the increasing danger, but they refuse to believe them. Chiaki explains to Zoe and J.P. that she feels she could grow stronger in the Digital World, while Teruo enjoys the freedom from monotony that the Digital World brings. Tommy is confronted by Teppei, who tries to bully Tommy into returning, but Katsuharu stops him, saying that they've grown past that. He, however, tells Tommy that he's too weak to stay in the world, but Tommy denies this accusation. Before the confrontation can continue, Sagittarimon attacks once more, this time with a Centarumon army. Angemon faces them head-on, but an ambush by a second Centarumon force to the vulnerable humans forces them to flee. Teppei trips while running and pleads for Katsuharu to save him, but Katsuharu freezes in fear. Tommy, on the other hand, dives in to save Teppei from a Centarumon's attack, showing his growth and strength, and then he spirit evolves to Korikakumon. Once the Legendary Warriors and Angemon drive off Sagittarimon, Katsuharu makes peace with Tommy, deciding to return home and convincing the others as well. Before they can, the Royal Knights come, kill Angemon, and kidnap the children, while Tommy hitches a ride. The Bully Pulpit


The Royal Knights bring them back to the Beanstock Village, which they have since conquered and imprisoned its inhabitants, seeking the village's key to unlock its fractal code. When the children prove to know nothing about the key, the Royal Knights lock them in with the Mamemon, who reveal how the seeds the children planted grew into the beanstalk. They stage a rebellion, but it fails in the face of the Royal Knights' overwhelming might, and the Royal Knights threaten the Mamemon Elder. Katsuharu's group stand up to the Royal Knights, remembering their kindness, but Crusadermon instead threatens Katsuharu's fractal code, wondering what the results of scanning a human would be. Before this can come to pass, the other DigiDestined crash in. Even their strength is no match for the Royal Knights, and in order to prevent deaths, the Mamemon Elder tells the Royal Knights the location of the key at the top of the beanstalk. The Royal Knights scan the village as the inhabitants evacuate, but once they are at safe harbor, the Mamemon Elder assures the children that they can rebuild, revealing a bean from that beanstalk.

Ultimately, the children return home on the Trailmon, now convinced of the increasing danger. To make up for his bullying in the past, Katsuharu tells Tommy to push him into the train, which Tommy does with no hard feelings. As they leave, Katsuharu's group waves goodbye to the DigiDestined, entrusting the safety of their friends and this world to them. Jerks And The Beanstalk

After the DigiDestined save the Digital World, Katsuharu and Teppei nurture their new friendship with Tommy as they play soccer together. End

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