Apparaît dans Digimon Frontier (Anime)
Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 (Manga)
Première Apparition
Dernière Apparition
Digimon Frontier ~ 01 : Densetsu no Toushi! Honō no Agunimon
Digimon Frontier ~ 50 : Toki wo Koete! Aratana Densetsu no Hajimari
Acteur Voix Japon: Kumiko Watanabe
Anglais: Brianne Siddall


Digivice D-Tector: couleur vert et bleu azur, bouton orange
Element Glace ( Koori)
  Digimon - Guerrier Légendaire
Humain Chackmon / Kumamon
Bête Blizzarmon / Korikakumon
Mega Susanoomon / Ancient Megatheriummon
Numéro de Carte Japon: Bo-93t, Bo-107t, Bo-121t
Anglais: DD-028
  Romaji Kanji / Kana
Nom Himi 氷見
Prenom Tomoki 友樹
Nationalité Japonais
Sexe Garçon
Age 8 ans
Classe 3rd ( CE2 en France)
Parenté Père : prénom inconnu
Mère : prénom inconnu
Grand Frère : Yutaka Himi
Digivice D-Tector: couleur vert et bleu azur, bouton orange
Element Glace (氷 Koori)
Digimon - Guerrier Légendaire
Humain / Human Chackmon / Kumamon
Bête / Beast Blizzarmon / Korikakumon
Méga Susanoomon / Ancient Megatheriummon
Apparût dans Digimon Frontier (Anime)
Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 (Manga)
Première apparition Digimon Frontier ~ 01 : Densetsu no Toushi! Honō no Agunimon
Dernière apparition Digimon Frontier ~ 50 : Toki wo Koete! Aratana Densetsu no Hajimari
Acteur voix Japon : Kumiko Watanabe
  Anglais : Brianne Siddall

Tomoki is one of the protagonists in the Digimon anime series Digimon Frontier. He is one of the "DigiDestined", children who were chosen to receive the ability to transform into Digimon in order to save the Digital World, and he is also known as one of the Legendary Warriors, inheritors of the Spirits of the Ten Legendary Warriors.

Tommy is the youngest member of the group, and that is reflected in his childish actions at the beginning of the anime. As he spends more time in the Digital World, however, Tommy learns to grow into himself and becomes much more mature. He has an older brother, Yutaka Himi, whom he is at odds with, and his parents dote upon him. He wields the Spirits of Ice.



As the youngest member and spoiled at that, Tomoki actions are rarely thought out. He spends much of his initial time in the Digital World relying on others to see him through. He can be selfish without meaning to, and he dislikes not getting in his way. Due to his nature, Tommy is also often bullied, which makes him shy away from others.

With time, Tommy grows emotionally such that he is recognized for his empathy and pure-heart, even in situations concerning his enemies. He learns strength, bravery, and even forgiveness, to the point where he will even save those who tormented him before. Tommy is also resourceful and becomes unwilling to simply stand around when he can help.


Tommy lives with his parents and older brother, Yutaka Himi. At some point, Yutaka is fed up with how spoiled Tommy is, and the two get into a small fight, leaving resentment on both sides. The Dark Heart of Friendship

When a mysterious voice sends out a message asking for children to play a game, Tommy ends up in the Terminal under the Shibuya Train Station. He is forced onto one of the trains by Katsuharu and Teppei; on this train, he meets Takuya Kanbara, Zoe Orimoto, and J.P. Shibayama. When they cross into the Digital World, their cellphones turn into D-Tectors, and Tommy is briefly silhouetted by a bear made of snow. Tommy is scared by this new world, and when they arrive at the Flame Terminal, Tommy immediately tries to flee back on the train tracks. Takuya manages to convince him to return, but they are attacked by a Cerberumon, which prompts Takuya to find the H Spirit of Flame and spirit evolves into Agunimon. All Aboard All of these events only cement Tommy's desire to return home, and he partners with J.P. in order to make this happen. They attempt to bribe first a Trailmon (Angler) and then a group of Pagumon, but this only causes the Pagumon to attack them for food. They flee into the underground, only for another child, Koji Minamoto, to save them. One of the Pagumon digivolves to Raremon, but Koji bonds with the H Spirit of Light and spirit evolves to Lobomon to beat them. Lobomon: Warrior of Light


After all these events, Tommy decides to join the others in staying in the Digital World, with Bokomon and Neemon becoming additions to their group. He, along with the others, is told by the voice in his D-Tector to head to the Forest Terminal. The group stumble across a small valley where they are regaled with a history of the world by Bokomon and discover that Takuya and Koji hold the Spirits of the Legendary Warriors and thus are Legendary Warriors themselves. Candlemon attack them, however, and they are forced to flee into the river. Takuya turns into Agunimon to buy them time to escape, but when he is in a bind, Tommy remembers how Takuya protected him and resolves to return the favor. The H Spirit of Ice chooses him, and Tommy spirit evolves into Kumamon, the Legendary Warrior of Ice. He takes out some of the Candlemon and aids Agunimon in defeating Wizardmon when one of the Candlemon digivolves into him. Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire

The group continue on their path. At a fork in the road, Tommy joins Takuya in following the train tracks across the plains, while the others head through the forest path into Breezy Village. The tracks in the plains lead to a dead end, and Tommy and Takuya reunite with Zoe as she gains her H Spirit of Wind. Kazemon Kicks It Tommy takes part in the Kokuwamon rebellion at the Wind Factory where J.P. get the H Spirit of Thunder Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon and they end up at the KaratsukiNumemon Mountain, where they confront and are defeated by the dark Legendary Warrior Grumblemon. A Molehill Out Of A Mountain Tommy ends up at the Toy Country with Takuya and Koji, where he is kidnapped by a WaruMonzaemon. His pure heart reverts him back to the kind Monzaemon, and after Takuya and Koji also revert the corrupted ShadowToyAgumon back into regular ToyAgumon, they hitch a ride off of the floating island Island of Misfit Boys and meet up with the windsailing others. The Odd One Out

The Legendary Warriors enter the Forest Kingdom and spend the night in the TV Forest. Through the forest's properties, Tommy sees his mother and becomes desperately homesick. A Bakumon preys on his dreams that night, injecting a nightmare which manipulates him into attacking his friends. He is only stopped when Bakumon is defeated and is given sweet dreams as part of Bakumon's apology. Welcome to My Nightmare In the morning, the group discovers that Koji, Bokomon, and Neemon headed off in the night, and so they follow. They are attacked by Gigasmon, Grumblemon's Beast Spirit form, en route, and Zoe takes a blow meant for Tommy, which causes her to lose her Spirit to Gigasmon. Koji intervenes, gaining the B Spirit of Light and KendoGarurumon's power, though Zoe's Spirit remains lost. Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down


Gigasmon attacks them once more at the Fortuneteller Village, and Tommy loses his H Spirit of Ice to Gigasmon. Their battle in interrupted by Shamanmon spirit evolving into BurningGreymon. Takuya manages to wrest the B Spirit of Flame away but goes berserk when he spirit evolves to BurningGreymon himself. A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon BurningGreymon tears through the other Legendary Warriors, but Tommy stands his ground. Though he is attacked, Tommy's purity and emotions clear Takuya's cloud of anger and gives him enough control to revert. Takuya is shaken by these events, but Tommy helps him through it. Gigasmon comes back for another round in anger and takes Tommy hostage. Because of his previous failure at controlling the Spirit, Takuya at first hesitates to spirit evolve into BurningGreymon, but Tommy's confidence in him gives him the willpower to control BurningGreymon's feral instincts enough to save Tommy and return his H Spirit of Ice. Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles

The Legendary Warriors eventually make it to Seraphimon's Castle at the Forest Terminal, where they hear more from the Digital World's past after they free the Celestial Seraphimon from his crystal prison. Seraphimon reveals that the voice speaking to them is Ophanimon, also of the Celestial Digimon. Unfortunately, Arbormon, Ranamon, and Mercurymon—three of the five other Legendary Warriors—are allied with Grumblemon under the command of corrupted third member of the Celestial Digimon Cherubimon, who is responsible for the Digital World's dilapidated state, and attack. Seraphimon is defeated in the confrontation, and though his Digi-Egg is saved by Zoe's quick thinking, the Warriors are routed by their dark counterparts and are forced to flee with Sorcermon's sacrifice. Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell Tommy tries to put up a fight against Grumblemon and his Golemon army, but he is worn down by sheer numbers until J.P. manages to get his B Spirit of Thunder and spirit evolve to MetalKabuterimon, defeating Grumblemon once and for all. No Whamon

When the Legendary Warriors then rest at the Toucan Paradise, however, the boys' D-Tectors are stolen by Toucanmon Beastie Girl and they give chase all the way to the Autumn Leaf Fair. At the fair, Tommy discovers that the Toucanmon traded their D-Tectors in at Datamon's shop. Tommy aids Datamon in completing a video game, and in return, Datamon gives Tommy time to find the Toucanmon and have them return the camera they traded the D-Tectors for. He manages to track the Toucanmon down, but when the Toucanmon begin to drown, he gives up a chance at simply taking the camera to save them. The Toucanmon run away without thanks but with the camera, leaving Tommy horribly depressed at the results of his good deed. He cries his failure into Takuya's arms and returns to Datamon's store in despair.


Datamon, however, has seen Tommy's good actions in the camera Arbormon forced the Toucanmon to return, and he returns the D-Tectors. Tommy, however, is given an upgrade: the B Spirit of Ice, which was trapped in the video game which Tommy helped Datamon win. Tommy spirit evolves into Korikakumon and defeats Arbormon's Beast form, Petaldramon. Ophanimon gives them one final chance to back out, but on their resolve to continue, tells them to go the Rose Morning Star and kicks off the next arc of their journey. Bizarre Bazaar

The group slowly make their way to the Rose Morning Star with the tickets Zoe won, taking a stop at the Great Trailmon Race where Tommy partners with a Trailmon (Angler), though he ultimately loses due to ShadowWereGarurumon's interference. Trailmon vs. Trailmon Takuya's win, however, brings them to the Hamburger Village, where Petaldramon has been terrorizing the local Burgermon. To cheer up the family of a kidnapped Burgermon, the group participates in a burger-making contest with each other. Tommy, with the aid of the TorikaraBallmon, manages to stumble upon a simple but profound burger, for which Petaldramon's servants kidnap him and the other Legendary Warriors. They are led to Petaldramon's mansion where the captured Burgermon is kept, and they manage to break him out and escape. During the battle, Tommy performs his first fractal code digitize on the enemy Chamelemon, reverting them back to Armadillomon. You Want Fries With That?

The group at last manages to make it to the Continent of Darkness but are attacked by the final Legendary Warrior, Duskmon, not long after. Duskmon easily defeats them, with Koji barely escaping and Takuya taking a side trip. Darkest Before Duskmon Tommy, Zoe, and J.P. are captured by Mercurymon and Ranamon at the Old Castle while their D-Tectors are experimented on, though they are saved before the actual torture can start. Takuya returns more confident than before, and that confidence spreads to the others, who manage to defeat Mercurymon and Ranamon. Sockit Takuya


The Legendary Warriors then stumble into Sakkakumon where they are split up. Tommy along with the others manage to give J.P. the confidence he needs to stand up to his shadowed side in the Earth Area Alone But Never Alone but is then pulled into the Flame Area. He meets a mysterious stranger who helps him through the harsh lavaland while preying on his lingering resentment of his brother. During this conversation, Tommy finally realizes that his brother was trying to wean Tommy off of his dependency on others, and that they truly love each other. Tommy snaps out of the stranger's thrall in time to reveal him as Asuramon, who is attempting to take his Spirits away. Tommy fights and defeats him, winning his freedom from the area and Sakkakumon as well. The Dark Heart of Friendship Tommy is eventually joined by the others except Koji, who is locked in battle with the Duskmon after they conquer all of Sakkakumon's spheres. Sakkakumon himself then attacks them, preying on their weaknesses and fears as he absorbs and reflects their attacks. Takuya rallies the others around him like a true leader, and they manage to combine their powers to defeat the Warrior of Steel. Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon

Koji chases after Duskmon, who he discovers is his twin brother Koichi Kimura, and Takuya follows. Tommy, Zoe, and J.P. head on a scouting mission to the Trailmon Graveyard, where they help revitalize a Trailmon (Angler). This Trailmon then recounts the time he had to bring a container to the castle at the Rose Morning Star; the Legendary Warriors quickly deduce that the container had Ophanimon in it. Workin' On The Train Gang They meet up with Koji and Takuya, who managed to free Koichi from Cherubimon's control. They are attacked by Cherubimon on the way, however, and Koichi purifies his Spirits of Darkness and takes an active part in the battle. Ne'er The Twins Shall Meet They finally make it to the Rose Morning Star, where they sneak into Cherubimon's Castle and talk more with Ophanimon about the Digital World. They are interrupted by Cherubimon Operation: Free Ophanimon, who slowly defeats them and steals their Spirits. In an act of sacrifice, Ophanimon steals the Spirits back and upgrades Takuya's and Koji's D-Tectors for Unified Spirit Evolution, Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution with which they win the first round against Cherubimon. Cherubimon's initial defeat releases an IceDevimon who seals Takuya and Koji, requiring the rest of them to fight, and Koichi is fully acclimated into the team. Ice Ice Baby

Cherubimon hasn't been totally defeated, however, and Tommy gives up his Spirits to allow Takuya to unified spirit evolve. Their combined strength finally puts the dark angel down for good, but this doesn't fix everything that is wrong with the Digital World. Cherubimania The Legendary Warriors get another course in history from Baromon in the Tunnel of History only to be attacked by the Royal Knights Dynasmon and Crusadermon. The Legendary Warriors lose spectacularly, getting blasted to the Blue Moon It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears and are forced to claw their way back to the Digital World proper by breaking through the Electromagnetic Stream. Tommy's charisma and planning gains them SuperStarmon's aid. The Man In The Moon Is You


They end up in Steel Town, where four children—Katsuharu, Teppei, Chiaki, and Teruo—who refused to return to the Human World stay with Angemon as their protector. Katsuharu and Teppei are the two bullies who forced Tommy into the Digital World in the first place, and in their presence, Tommy reverts to his initial sullen self. With push comes to shove, however, and they are attacked by a group of Centarumon led by a Sagittarimon bandit, Tommy saves Teppei from an attack despite the fact that Katsuharu froze up in fear, and he shows them all how much he's grown. He protects the bullies from the Centarumon as Korikakumon, causing the others to join him and defeat the enemies. Afterwards, Katsuharu makes peace with Tommy, acknowledging that Tommy is the better person and befriending him. Unfortunately, they are attacked by the Royal Knights for some Mamemon the other children helped before, and when Crusadermon captures the children, Tommy hitches a ride. The Bully Pulpit The ordeal that follows convinces the other children to return home. Tommy patches things up with his now former bullies. Katsuharu even has Tommy even things out between them by pushing him on the Trailmon home as he pushed him onto the Trailmon to the Digital World. Jerks And The Beanstalk

The Legendary Warriors continue to lose battles against the Royal Knights, leaving areas scanned and their data sacrificed to revive Lucemon, until there is only Ophanimon's Castle left. At the castle, Tommy and J.P. reveal how scared they are to each other and try to provide some comfort, if only in the form of distracting magic tricks. Despite their best efforts, they lose the castle too, which leads to Lucemon's revival and the Digital World's destruction. To Make The World Go Away Disheartened by their utter failure, it takes seeing the Digi-Eggs and children they saved from the Village of Beginnings for the DigiDestined to find hope again; Tommy, in particular, bonds with a Upamon. They manage to fully defeat the Royal Knights this time, only for Lucemon to sweep in and steal their Fractal Code to digivolve into his Chaos Mode. When Knights Fall... Koichi sacrifices himself to give the others the power to ancient spirit evolve into Susanoomon, which defeats Lucemon in his Chaos Mode but allows him to take his Shadowlord Mode and make an attempt on the Human World. The Brothers Yin and Yang


Though they initially lose against Lucemon's overwhelming power, Tommy discovers that, alongside him in the entire journey, has been another Spirit—AncientMegatheriummon, reborn in the Spirits and finally taking consciousness as Kumamon. All of their conviction combines into Susanoomon once more, and they defeat Lucemon, saving the Digital World once and for all. The last route to the Human World is closing, and Kumamon sends him flying into the portal with heartfelt farewells. The Legendary Warriors discover that little time has passed since their entrance into the Digital World, but they rush to Koichi, who has been injured due to a fall and was flat-lining. In a miracle, Koichi manages to come back to consciousness, and amid the happiness, the Legendary Warriors celebrate their victory.

Tommy reflects on his personal transformation during his journey at the end of it all. He decides to walk into the future with his friends (shown to include his former bullies) at his side, having learned the meaning of courage and self-reliance in his travels. End of the Line


At some point during his journey, Tommy visits the Lost Island. He ends up with Takuya, J.P., Bokomon, and Neemon in the human-controlled village, befriending Kotemon. After learning of the Human-Beast war and wishing to put an end to it, they reunite with their friends and discover an ancient mural of the guardian god Ornismon as well as the Legendary Warriors AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon. While Takuya and Koji do their best to mitigate the damage from the war, Tommy, Zoe, and J.P. work with the Digimon on finishing the mural, until Zoe and J.P. leave to deal with the revelation that the leaders of both sides of the war are the same Digimon. Tommy helps finish the mural, which says that Ornismon is not a guardian but rather an evil being sealed in the island. Unfortunately, the war has generated enough sacrifices to revive Ornismon, and the figure manipulating the entire situation, Murmukusmon, rides proudly on its back. Everyone works together to break defeat the pair, but it takes the spectral forms of AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon for things to finally end, leaving both sides at peace with each other. Island of Lost Digimon

Additionally, some time after Koichi joins the DigiDestined, the group discovers a lone mailbox in the middle of nowhere. Despite the minimal chance that his letter would ever reach its intended destination, Tommy takes the time to write to his brother. He tells Yutaka about how he's seen and done so many things, and that he's so much stronger now, and that he has more older brothers (and one older sister) to back him up. He tells Yutaka about his impressions of each of his new older brothers, and he reveals how much he initially hated the Digital World but that he now loved it as the place where he grew so much. Tommy ends his letter by saying that he still has more to do but that he hopes he can show Yutaka how much he's grown. To My Brother



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